ice cream for everyone!

What We're Made Of

Frozen Coconut is crafted with only premium, fair trade, non-GMO, organic ingredients.
Creamy organic coconut milk is gently churned to perfection in small batches. Pure agave nectar is added for a hint of sweetness, and Canadian sea salt is sprinkled in to round out the flavours.
Natural ingredients, extraordinary taste - ice cream for everyone.


Our flavours

Frozen Coconut was created with you in mind. Each scoop of our non-dairy dessert contains high-quality vegan ingredients and rich flavours that suit any mood. We call that pure delight the #FroCoFeeling.

Classic Coconut

Give your mouth a mini tropical vacation.

Chocolate Mint

Tropical coconut and rich chocolate with a cool hint of mint.

Lemon Meringue

Just like mom used to make, except it's not pie.

Mixed Berry

Summertime on a spoon, only better.

Orange Cream

Tastes like a Creamsicle melted in your mouth.


For true chocolate lovers. You won't believe there's no dairy.


Frozen Coconut was born out of a humble kitchen in Kelowna, BC. What started as a farmers market favorite can now be enjoyed by frozen dessert lovers across the country.

Ten years ago, after a life-changing car accident, Kevin Carta - a local pizza restauranteur - found himself needing to make healthier choices to accommodate the new challenges he had been facing. Searching for a new journey, with a fresh perspective, the #FroCo adventure began. He headed off to New York City and graduated with Honours from Ice Cream University. People from near and far began asking for Frozen Coconut so Kevin took a trip to Vancouver, BC.

There he met Franco, an experienced coco-preneur who shared a passion for natural food and community; and Neil, an industry expert in health and wellness products. The three became fast friends, and better business partners! Before they knew it, they were celebrating a new facility in Vancouver and the launch of their frozen dessert in several major grocery stores across Canada!

Giving back is a huge part of the Frozen Coconut culture - so it only makes sense that a portion from every sale is donated to important causes: spinal chord injuries, environment, culture, and youth education.
It’s truly amazing what a scoop of ice cream can do.

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We guarantee you'll enjoy these tasty treats. 
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