Bubble Waffle FroCo Ice Cream Cone

Bubble Waffle FroCo Cone

Happiness feels like TWO desserts combined. We set out to find the #FroCoFeeling and stumbled across the newest dessert craze in New York. Bubble waffle ice cream cones. We’ve brought the secret home so you can skip the line and enjoy our vegan twist on this funky treat. All that’s required is a regular bubble... View Article

Frozen Coconut at Veg Expo 2016 in Vancouver

On Location at VEG Expo 2016

This Sunday, April 24th, we’ll be spending the day at Canada Place for Veg Expo 2016! VEG EXPO will be a day for the entire family to enjoy with an interactive kid zone, cooking demonstrations with local celebrated chefs, information on locally sourced foods and products, green home zone, take a break in our ‘vegetation lounge’,... View Article

Frozen Coconut Vegan Shamrock Shake

Vegan Shamrock Shake

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day this week, we’ve designed a shamrock shake you won’t be able to get enough of. Not only is it vegan, it’s made from natural ingredients (no food colouring or artificial flavouring)! Ingredients (Serves 2): 1 Pint Frozen Coconut Classic Coconut ice cream ¼ cup Cacao nibs or dark chocolate... View Article

Frozen Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert at Natural Products Expo West

Our Journey to #ExpoWest

The past few years have been an absolute dream come true. We’ve been able to take our humble kitchen-born recipe from local farmers markets to grocery stores across Canada. This summer, we are taking the #FroCo game to the next level. This Wednesday, we took a plane out to Anaheim, California to spend the week at... View Article

Frozen Coconut Ice Cream Sundae Station

DIY Sundae Station

Vancouver’s premier eco and health event for families, Healthy Family Expo, is coming to the Vancouver Convention Centre this Sunday. We’ll be there to offer free tasting and show you how ice cream can be simple, natural and tasty! If you haven’t gotten your tickets already, make sure to use our 2 for 1 code:... View Article

Frozen Coconut at the Gluten Free Expo Vancouver

#TeamFroCo at the Gluten Free Expo

Join us this weekend at Canada’s biggest gluten free event – The Gluten Free Expo! We’ll be giving out free samples of our entire line of vegan gluten-free frozen coconut desserts – yup – all six flavours! Visit us at Booth 111 and meet the co-founder of Frozen Coconut, Kevin Carta. About Gluten Free Expo: Discover,... View Article

Frozen Coconut - Ice Cream Cone Trees

Ice Cream Cone Tasty Trees

We all know it can be pretty crazy before Christmas, but when that break between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve comes, you’ll want to spend some quality time with your family. This fun DIY Ice Cream Cone Tree is a great activity for kids (young and old!).   Buy mini ice cream cones. You... View Article

Vegan Chocolate Coco-Rum Ice Cream Sundae with Frozen Coconut Ice Cream

Vegan Chocolate Coco-Rum Ice Cream Sundae

Staying toasty by the fire is always better with a ‘grown-up’ ice cream sundae. The best part of this boozy treat is that it is vegan! This recipe blends the flavours of rich chocolate, spiced rum and creamy coconut – can we say YUM? The recipe is easy. All you have to do is: 1.... View Article


Boozy Vegan Ice Cream Recipes

Oh December! There is no better excuse than cold weather for a movie night in, with a boozy ice cream sundae. Whether you’re looking for dessert ideas this holiday season – or whether you’re just looking for an excuse to indulge in a grown-up ice cream sundae – these 6 recipes will be the perfect... View Article

Frozen Coconut Apple Cinnamon Vegan Ice Cream Bowl

Apple Cinnamon #FroCo Bowl

Jump into fall – Impress your guests and your kids with this super unique recipe! What you need: Red apples Frozen Coconut – Classic Coconut Vegan Ice Cream Cinnamon sugar Caramel (optional) Cinnamon sticks (for garnish) A small kitchen knife An edged spoon or sharp tipped spoon An ice cream scoop What to do: Cut the... View Article

Frozen Coconut (2)

FroCo in the Fall

Who said that frozen desserts are only for the summertime? Here are some great ways you can enjoy #FroCo, even when it’s a bit chilly outside. Apple Cider Ice Cream Float On top of this Pumpkin Spice Mug Cake Frozen Coconut’s Coco Affogato Bon Apetit’s Boozy Affogato Cranberry Orange Cream Float See? There is always a... View Article

Frozen Coconut in Allergic Living

Feature in Allergic Living

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Frozen Coconut at CHFA East 2015

The Road to CHFA East

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Frozen Coconut Coco Affogato

FroCo’s Coco Affogato

“Ice cream is just for kids”, said no one! Grown-ups, this one is for you. You’ll love this Frozen Coco Affogato. Simply pour your favourite espresso over a couple scoops of #FroCo, and voilà! Fun fact: Coffee contains antioxidants, reduces inflammation, and can even enhance long term memory!